MOSH IT UPmosh_it_up_book_cover

A novel by Mindela Ruby

Punk rock riot girl Boop has the indomitable soul of a dreamer and the train wreck life of an unruly compulsive. When her dying neighbor requires her help, Boop vows to clean up her act and goes chasing a comeback in Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Her mess-ups, kind heart and willingness to change make Boop an endearing rogue, but most unforgettable is her antic, hilarious, no taboo voice. MOSH IT UP is a must read exposé of love’s waywardness…and its potential to redeem.

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Praise for “Mosh It Up”

“What a glorious, glorious novel this is — funny, sad, angry, poignant, bawdy, tough, excruciatingly sad, and then bowl-you-over funny again. Mosh It Up is a literary marvel. It’s complex and rich and humane. It’s original. It’s a linguistic kaleidoscope. It’s not just moving, it’s searing. It’s an A-list stunner from start to finish, with a controlled and crazed and love-starved and utterly convincing narrative voice that no reader will ever forget. (Holden Caufield gone punk, gone female, gone roadie, gone nympho-desperate.) I was awestruck by this beautiful and lovingly made novel.”
–Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried and the National Book Award-winning Going After Cacciato

“Comprising vignettes, screenplays, scraps and even shopping lists, Mindela Ruby’s Mosh It Up packs a powerhouse of a story. Her hero, the sex-addicted, on-the-outs rock ’n’ roll manager, Dickinson “Boop” Park, is one for the ages—part hep cat adventurer, part jive talking raconteur, and all heart, broken, on the mend, and otherwise. This tour de force novel poses two pertinent questions on its bumpy path to righteousness: is it ever too late to pick up the pieces? And like Ruby herself asks later on, where do you put those pieces when you do?”
–Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love and Lamentation

“Great read! An inspiring tale of transformation. Witty wordplay abounds as Boop stomps her way through a wild, razor’s-edge ride in the post-punk Bay Area. I highly recommend Mosh It Up.”
–Rachel Thoele, Bassist of the band Flipper

“Mindela Ruby writes raw punk. This book is music, is in music, is about music. This book is a rhythm and a jarring, jangly riff on love and sex and dream and friendship and what it means to be really blazingly alive.”
–Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies and The Desert Places